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Genius Mind Academy Damansara is the first GMA centre in Malaysia which was inaugurated in 2011 by an award-winning trainer, Ms Ayris Lim.

We are passionate to solve the problems faced by children, parents and teachers. Our root problem is seated in our brain as it is the control centre of our physical body. Our brain is damaged by sadness, stress and negativity. When we were born, we cried for several years and we are living in a stressful and negative environment. Animals, though their brains are simple, they are having better sensory perceptions than us. GMA believes that we are able to improve our brain power by using well-structured workshops, sophisticated brainwave equipment to enhance the brain function so that we are able to improve our memory, concentration and attention.

We learn by using our senses and the educationists know very well that there are three styles of learning, namely visual, audio and kinesthetic (touch, smell, taste.) In GMA, we use a special system to stimulate the brain by using sound to awaken the brain. We use various techniques to train the brain functions and the most effective way is to block the eyes by using a blindfold so that the brain will reorganise itself to adapt to use the other sensory perceptions. Our discoveries show that most children are able to improve their sensory organs! For example, we put a card near to the ear and the child is able to know the details of the flash card just by putting it near to the ear. Such incredible phenomena tell us that the audio capabilities have definitely improved. If the auditory capabilities have been heightened, a student is able to learn better by using the new auditory breakthroughs. In the same way, we have seen uncountable children able to run around blindfolded, cycling and all other activities. We have solved the problem of those who are having poor visual perceptivity, hence learning by seeing becomes easier.

All of us must continue to train ourselves and our children after joining the workshops so that permanent improvements can take place throughout life. We have numerous testimonies of children who have excelled into world-class musicians, inventors and scholars. We are sure of the effectiveness of our programs as long as we put in efforts. For some people, the effects are faster than the others. Everyone is a genius and everyone deserves the best!


The brain is a capability of adaptability which will improve connectivity and ultimately unlimited possibilities. There is no limit what we can achieve after the Super-Sensory Development. It is up to the individuals to develop skills according to their dreams. We are able to achieve what we want to do easily as long as our brain is functioning effectively. The ability to use the brain power, the ability to control the brain is our ultimate goal in what we are doing.

We hope more people are able to see the importance of brain development and the challenges ahead requires passion and patience. We are different from machines which are easy to manipulate but to improve the brain function where more synapses can increase the speed of the brain requires effort and understanding. We invite everyone to be with us as we venture into the unlimited and exciting journey of self-development by improving the brain functions. At the moment, many research is going on about improving the brain function and we always see exciting breakthroughs internationally. Welcome to join us!

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