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What is Promizzion?
It is a platform for ProStudents to create their inspirational story to be told to their future employers/employees, colleagues/subordinates, soul partner, children and grandchildren, thus being outstanding and confident on their stage of life.

After numerous years of research and development in the area of educational psychology, character and value education, brain development, leadership development, social and community engagement, it has proved the effectiveness through years of application.

ProParents understand that education is beyond school academic excellence to prepare ProStudents’ future. It is about developing TWO very important intelligences – Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence. With a group of passionate & enthusiastic educators, Promizzion is grateful to make an Education Revolution since its inception.

Advancing humankind to a greater height of love, contribution and positivity through inspired individuals.

Providing a platform for individuals to create a unique inspirational story as a confident and outstanding person.

Why does it spell as ‘ProMizzion’?
Many parents tend to focus and gear children to obtain ‘A’ in their academic results. However, life is not only about academic ‘A’s. With Prokidz, ending with the letter ‘Z’ signifying the holistic education that we provide to equip children from B to Z with the essential soft skills and life skills. Eventually, being an outstanding and confident person who create positive changes for the world betterment with unique individual’s mission.

What does it mean by PRO?
ProMizzion is an education entity that envisions to successfully nurture kids who have high PRO-ficiency in their respective PRO-fessional which able to impact their life PRO-foundly. The 3 PROs: Proficiency, Professional, Profound.

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